Experiment H21

EXPERIMENT H21 (2018, Australia, 13 min)

Directed by Kim Cums


Alien experimentation and first contact eroticism.

Experiment H21 explores medical fetish and extra-terrestrial encounters. H21 is a reference to our hopes to contact alien life. 21cm is the wavelength of hydrogen as it emits a radio wave at 1,420MHz. Scientists have determined that this frequency is well-suited for interstellar communication. This film probes into a niche kink and examines the potential eroticism of first contact.

Out of This World Shorts – September 7 – 2:30 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema

Director Bio:

Kim Cums is an independent erotic film director with experience on both sides of the camera. She started her career as a performer in the industry in 2013 before launching her own production company and website in 2016. Kim believes that in order for adult content to be truly ethical, it must be produced ethically. Therefore, performer rights, safety, and informed consent are at the core of every one of her films.


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