Moana. Ocean. Sea.

Moana.Ocean.Sea (2018, Italy, 3 min)

Directed by  Massimo Alì Mohammad


Short film dedicated to the memory of the Italian actress Moana Pozzi. Editing of damaged film strips from Cinema Mignon (Ferrara, Italy) scanned frame by frame.

Out of This World Shorts – September 7 – 2 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema – Tickets

Director Bio:

Massimo Alì Mohammad was born in Naples 1983 to an Italian mother and Pakistani father. He took art and video studies at Naples University L’Orientale and started to shoot short films in 2002. In 2008, he won the special mention of the jury at Torino Film Festival with the short La Nonna (The Grandmother). He also collaborated with the English theatrical group Organic Theatre, shooting documentaries about their works.

In 2010, he moved to Ferrara to finish his studies, graduating with a degree in the history of cinema. While at the university in Ferrara, he started collaborating with the cultural association Feedback, shooting documentaries and videos. The first was Mignon, about a porn cinema in a deconsecrated church, then The Secret of the Earth, about the tradition of looking for truffles, and Das Ist Valter, about the cultural renaissance of the city of Sarajevo following the Balkan conflict.

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