PSA (2018, USA, 16 min)

Directed by Urvashi


An erotic film about 1950’s good ol’ educational TV.

ROGUE and REMY are sitting on their couch, he with his pipe reading and she with her martini relaxing. A narrator’s voice compliments them and begins to ask questions about their relationship and their sexuality. As the conversation continues we learn a great deal about them and what they have tried and would like to try.

The narrator takes them on a journey of self-discovery and gives them helpful tips on how to best explore and enjoy their sexuality together. As they move to the bedroom to try out their new found knowledge we get to enjoy their time together as they certainly do.

Love Lessons Shorts – September 7 – 9 pm – Grand Illusion CinemaTickets

Director Bio:
From the age of five Urvashi has been no stranger to the darkroom; learning to shoot, develop and process prints in the family basement. She graduated from the University of California with a degree in Theater Fine Arts and has been the creative director of an erotic photography company, Urvashi’s EYE, since 2005. A passion for the aesthetic has always driven her to produce the finest images while drawing her audience into the deeper story of a photograph. It was this talent and background that lead her into the art of cinematography. Her first film as Director, Redemption, was an award winner. Having moved from still photography to the movie set, Urvashi continues to delight audiences with erotic art that stimulates and inspires people to see the pleasures of sexuality within context and with respect for all involved.

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