The Abduction of Evalina


Jaysen Drake / United States / 2020 / 8 min


Have you ever had a dream filled with strange images penetrating so deep into your mind that you wake up confused and cocooned in plastic, wondering what’s real? In this hot and sweaty sci-fi thrill, submissive human doll Evalina finds herself in a mysterious world captured, unwrapped, and made a pleasure vessel by a handsome otherworldly creature with magical abilities and perverted intentions.

5 pm PST – Friday, September 11


Director Biography – Jaysen Drake

Jaysen Drake (she/they) is a Taiwanese-Chinese trans non-binary artist and prison abolitionist who is currently based offgrid in the queer rural South in the US. She does sex work and queer porn, enjoys aggressively cuddling her fur babies, gardening, and dancing to sounds of the collapse of capitalism.

Director Statement

The Abduction of Evalina was shot and produced entirely with just an Android cell phone, zero budget, and a partially broken laptop that needs to be plugged in to work.

Editing and collaborating long-distance while living in a pallet shack offgrid in the woods meant that I had to either borrow a friend’s tiny solar generator or drive 20 minutes down the mountain to a friend’s house with electricity to work on the film in their tiny house; and 30 minutes to the nearest town to sit outside the covid19-closed library to access wifi to upload video files over the internet.

Partly due to circumstances, and partly to see if we could do it, this project has been driven by a love and passion for creating POC kinky, queer/trans/nb, sex/body positive art.

Movie still of two people embracing and looking into each others eyes