Help us meet our goal by becoming a #GiveBig FUNdraisor for #SECSFEST.

Help us reach our SECS FEST 2020 goal.

The curve appears to have flattened so we are optimistic that by September, SECS FEST 2020 can happen. But as we haven’t been able to hold our scheduled screenings, we need to find another avenue to raise the $1200 needed for SECS FEST 2020.

Two ways you can help us reach our $1200 fundraising goal.

Give Big is MAY 5-6.

We need your support. We have even created fun giving amounts based on classic erotic films. Like:

  • Become a Behind the Green Donor for only $10.
  • Or Debbie Does Donations for $25
  • Opening of Misty Beethoven’s wallet – $100

And you don’t need to wait until the event officially begins to give. You can give an anonymous donation today!

Or you could become a FUNdraisor for SECS FEST.

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We want to come out of this pandemic stronger than ever and put on the biggest, best erotic film festival in September, so please support us on May 5-6.

Early Giving begins for #GiveBig

Give BIG to support erotic cinema events

The Seattle Erotic Cinema Society is participating in GiveBig 2020 on May 6.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society is not able to hold any events. As these public screenings of erotic film are our only source of income we need to turn to you to help insure our survival. Even the future of our annual film festival, SECS FEST feels uncertain as we have no way of knowing when cinemas will reopen and life will return to normal.

But despite that, we are hopeful that with community support we can survive this.

I am touched by the kind words coming from some of you during this time, trying to remind us how important public exhibitions of erotic cinema and pornography can be in allowing us to learn about the vast world of identities and interests, allowing us to feel seen and connected.

“SECS fest helps us accept people that are different than us. We become intimate with them at the deepest level when we watch their erotic films. The diversity and inclusivity at SECS fest has truly broadened my mind. Gaining the ability to watch a erotic film and say, “YES, that’s how I want it” or “Meh, that’s not my cup of tea, but I love that they had the confidence and love to share that with me, with all of us” – that to me is what this festival is all about.” – Kalee

So please remember us during these times. Early Giving started April 15. There is an option to make anonymous donations. Or donate directly to us here.


SECS News: #StayHome&WatchPorn

Scientific image of a coronavirus

First, our March event is cancelled due to the Seattle-area coronavirus outbreak. So there will not be a screening of Sugar in the Raw on March 24. As we are following city guidelines and not holding any public events.

Due to this, it is unlikely that we will be able to hold any events in the coming months. These events are essential in order to raise the funds needed to put on our annual erotic film festival in September. At this time, we are planning to hold our festival on September 11-13, but will need your generous donations. So please consider becoming a SECS member ($50/year) or making a tax-deductible donation.

Due to the current outbreak, movie theaters are closed, including the Grand Illusion,  and even the Seattle International Film Festival has been cancelled for 2020. You may additionally want to support our local film communities  so that once the outbreak has subsided, we still have these Seattle institutions to enjoy for years to come.

And to support you during this time of restricted movement, you can still watch erotic films from home. Scarecrow video has put into action rental strategies to help you rent movies with little to no risk of contracting COVID19.

Some recommended titles available at Scarecrow:

  • Check out the queer, fetish films of Maria Beatty – Post-Apocalyptic Cowgirls (2009) is a great choice for the season
  • They have nearly all of Bruce la Bruce’s filmography including the gay zombie movie, Otto (2008), the Raspberry Reich (2004) or even his soft-core romance Gerontophilia (2013)
  • All of the works by erotic master, Radley Metzger like:
    • The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann (1974)
    • Barbara Broadcast (1977)
    • Lickerish Quartet (1970)

Or you could purchase DVDs of the archival selections we’ve played at the Grand Illusion from Vinegar Syndrome including The Sensually Liberated Female (1970), Bijou (1972), Matinee Idol (1984),  and SexWorld (1978).

So stay calm, watch lots of porn at home and remember to frequently wash your hands and reduce social contacts until we get through this.

Advice from the World Health Org on COVID19

something sweet… [CANCELLED]


On March 24, the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society is proud to share out newest addition to our vintage 16mm archive, Sugar in the Raw. For the first three months of the year, the Sprocket Society has their 16mm equipment at the Grand Illusion Cinema, giving us the opportunity to share the rarities that we occasionally stumble upon on film.

Last year, we exhibited Flip Chicks (1973) with Georgina Spelvin with a couple of short “beaver films” from the late 1960s. It was so much fun being able to recreate a modern version of the grindhouse experience by showing old, faded 16mm films that likely played in the small porno theaters in the 1970s. So we’re excited to have found another relic of the 1970s, although this time this is a rare adult film that was written and directed by a porn actress, Lil Anders.

March 24, 7pm – SUGAR IN THE RAW – Grand Illusion Cinema


Lil Anders / 1978, USA

56 min / 16mm

Sugar (Cindy Lynn) is hired by the mob to track down a man and make him pay in this rare Golden Age porno. Written and directed by adult film actress Lil Anders, this low budget hardcore thriller provides a feminine touch. Still following the expected tropes of the single-reel low rent porno, Sugar in the Raw distinguishes itself with a tenderness toward the protagonist giving Sugar a touch of depth and even an surprise romance. In the end, Sugar must decide if her loyalties fall with the criminal syndicate that hired her or her target, a youthful Mike Ranger, who she has developed feelings for.

CONTENT WARNING: depictions of sexual assault

*No one under 18 admitted*


*** Hello. We are aware that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is now active in Washington state. Please follow public health recommendations from King County. For the time being we are open showing movies. Please check back regularly and take care of yourself! ***

Upcoming events!

Our next film event is tomorrow, when we present the edu-porn documentary, The Sensually Liberated Female (1970), with a video introduction from post-graduate researcher and guest programmer Erin Wiegand.


7 pm, Wednesday, February 19  
Grand Illusion Cinema

Matt Cimber / 1970, USA
65 min / digital

Inspired by the best selling book The Sensuous Woman, Matt Cimber’s farcical interpretation of the white-coater, sex-ed genre is hosted by sultry voiced Linda Guiness, who takes the viewer on a journey through the sexual habits of women. From public debauchery to the integration of vegetables, the secret desires of women are explored in explicit close up! Long thought lost, Vinegar Syndrome presents The Sensually Liberated Female uncut and newly restored for the first time. [from Vinegar Syndrome]

The film will follow a short introduction by guest SECS programmer, film scholar Erin Wiegand.

*No one under 18 admitted*


Coming in March, the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society is putting together a 70’s Grindhouse movie night on 16mm film featuring a rare, unreleased 1978 porno written and directed by adult movie actress, Lil Anders. So watch for that announcement!