Coming Clean

image of someone holding clear balloons with a chain and clamps.

COMING CLEAN (2019, Italy, 7 min)

Ila Afterglow / Italy / 2019 / 7 min

A sort of psycho-erotic musical, a multimedia stream of consciousness, a confession made of intense and symbolic images and sounds, emerging from the depths of one filmmaker’s soul bringing up all  their desires and their  emotions that now no longer frighten them.

12 pm PST –  Saturday, September 12

Shorts Program: TABOO DESIRES 

Director Biography – Ila Afterglow

Ila Afterglow is an Italian digital artist.

A professional graphic designer and freelance illustrator, a couple of years ago she recovered her passion for video and began an audiovisual research on pornography and its languages.

As an artist he defines his own punk and visionary style.

hand holding a balloon and a black phallus.

Poster reads: Looking for the afterglow production Coming Clean. 2019 Porn film festival Berlin with image of a balloon animal and nipple clamps.