Poster: Enough a short film by Kate Sinclaire


Kate Sinclaire / Canada / 2019 / 5 min

Are we queer enough? A long problem of femme-presenting folks that are misread as cis women is not feeling a true sense of belonging in queer scenes, being doubted and dismissed. Nichole Shae and Nat Portnoy take us with them as they explore their own sexualities, joy, pleasure, and playfulness, in a short film that emphasizes that we are all queer enough.

5 pm PST – Friday, September 11


Director Biography – Kate Sinclaire


Kate Sinclaire has been making porn from the somewhat unlikely city of Winnipeg, in Canada, for over a decade. With her soft porn website, cherrystems.com, leading to the launch of her own video production company, Ciné Sinclaire, Kate is truly at the forefront of Canadian feminist and ethically made pornography.

Director Statement

“The theme of Enough is a constant in my life, and I’m so glad I got to collaborate with Nichole, Nat, and Heather (of ATLAAS) to create something that really actually shows the kind of sexuality that really… speaks to me. My direction on set is very much hands off, but also is all about creating safe spaces that performers can express themselves in. I feel like Enough is such a truth in so many ways.”