Roxanne Drip / United States / 2021 / 15 min

Switchy stoner power femmes Consuela Fuego and Mia Secreto make a lipstick mess of each other in this squirtastic, dirty-talking, latex-loving, dyke cock worshipping, fingerblast fuck. Consuela fucks Mia with their gorgeous acrylic nails until she squirts all over them and Mia takes Consuela’s giant cock in her mouth. Fuego loves to be in charge almost as much as she loves getting her polly pocket destroyed by Mia’s relentless forearm muscles. Complete with plenty of giggles and a puddle of cum, see for yourself just how wet they can get.

Starring: Consuela Fuego & Mia Secreto

“Love is the Drug” Shorts – 8 pm PDT – Sunday, September 12 – Grand Illusion Cinema – TICKETS

Director Biography – Roxanne Drip

Roxanne Drip is a queer, non-binary, white, anti-zionist Jew, hairy femme, leather dyke, pornographer, sex worker, and visionary pervert. They spend their time adoring queers and fellow whores both behind and in front of the camera as a photographer, director, performer, and full-time freak. Work from their beloved queer smut project, Drip Films, has screened internationally since 2019 in festivals such as Hacker Porn Film Festival, Berlin Porn Film Festival, San Francisco Porn Film Festival, Ce L’Ho Corto Film Festival, Nachtschatten BDSM/Fetish Film Festival, Hot Bits Queer XXX Film Fest, (S)exhibitions, Smut Club Erotic Film Festival, and Pr0n4Freakz. Many of their films can be found on pinklabel.tv. They feel lucky to shoot such hot, messy, silly, dreamy, gay portraits of and for queer, trans, and sex working babes in hopes that the world may become more sexually expressive and expansive in desire. Their photography has been published in Math Magazine, Leste Magazine, Fist Zine, and Rub Magazine.

Find more of their work on IG @death_by_femme.