Retro poster image of a woman with long hair in a bikini holding a green leaf. Poster reads; Fongaluli the while country's eating it!

Eduardo Cemano / United States / 1972 / 72 min

Archival Screening

This wild adventurous odyssey and fairy tale tells the story of Professor Wurtsis, who is obsessed with cross breeding animals of different species. Research has brought him to a tropical island where he experiences the LSD-like sensation of the Fongaluli leaf and witnesses the transformation of a lobster into a gorgeous and eager young woman, then back again. Professor and lobster set out in search of the Island of Fongaluli, and their adventure leads to encounters with all manners of strange things including the evil Fongawitch and her orgy-practicing disciples.

Fongaluli will be preceded by documentary short, SWEET LOVE.

7 pm PST – Saturday, September 12 – TICKETS

Film scholar, Dr. David Church will introduce the film and Sweet Love director, Stephen Crompton will be available for a short Q&A after the screening.

Director Biography – Eduardo Cermano

The American artist, photographer, animator and filmmaker was born Edward Seeman in New York in 1931.

He started his career as a cell animator for Paramount Pictures where he worked as a cell animator on Popeye and Casper the Ghost. In 1960, he founded Gryphon Productions with Ray Favata. Gryphon produced numerous TV commercials featuring animated character, including Cocoa Puffs, Flintstones Vitamins, and Trix.

At this time, Seeman was also working with Frank Zappa on a never completed Sci-fi film, Uncle Meat.

In the early 1970s, under the pseudonym Eduardo Cemano, he made several adult films: Millie’s Homecoming (1971), The Weirdos and the Oddballs (1971), The Healers (1972), Fongaluli (1972), and Madame Zonobia (1973).