Forced Earth Connection

Beautiful Revenge Productions Presents Forced Earth Connection Starring Lilah Rose Directed by Bella Vendetta.


Bella Vendetta / United States / 2020 / 17 min

Mistress Bella Vendetta drags fetish model Lilah Rose naked through a lush, wet moss and mud covered forest –  a submissive’s earthing. Anchored to the ground, see how the earth brings out her sexuality.

About the film:

Decorated industry veteran Bella Vendetta released a new short film in April titled “Forced Earth Connection” which stars East Coast based fetish performer Lilah Rose.

This short film which was directed, produced, starring and shot by Bella Vendetta herself, showcases a genuine femme on femme BDSM dynamic.

Lilah slowly crawls through a muddy path in the woods before being instructed to make love to the earth.

She is attached to the forest floor with big, custom made tent like stakes. Mistress Bella engages in some cruel cunt kicking, making Lilah squirt and water the mossy earth beneath her.

12 pm PST –  Saturday, September 12

Shorts Program: TABOO DESIRES 

Director Biography – Bella Vendetta

Bella Vendetta is a multi media visual artist hailing from Western Massachusetts, with over 18 years in the adult industry.  Her films have been screened and showcases internationally, have screened at multiple film festivals and even won awards. Her work often focuses on real life femme on femme relationships and niche kink and power exchange related activities.  She lives in the woods in western, MA with her girlfriend, 3 special cats and 2 chihuahuas.  Currently shooting for her photo essay “Isolation Connection” depicting sex workers in the time of covid. to support
This short film is also available on:
Pink Label TV
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