Girl Gang


Charlie Benedetti / Spain / 2021 / 21 min

Enter Girl Gang, a rock girl band who love performing, expressing themselves and their sexual empowerment on stage. They feel a deep connection to their instruments and to each other. This movie reveals what could happen with the sexual energy that is created when these girls play music together, even though one of the members is actually asexual…

Starring Bunnie Bennett, Maria Riot, Catalina D’Aragó & Charlie Benedetti

“Nightclubbing” Shorts – 6 pm – Saturday, September 11 – Grand Illusion Cinema – tickets

Director Biography – Charlie Benedetti

Charlie is a genderqueer demisexual Italian director.

They believe in a future in which sexuality and gender don’t need labels, but they also understand the need of many diverse humans to feel represented, reassured and safe nowadays.

It’s the same need that Charlie seeks in today’s society and they believe that the only way to achieve it is through an emotional, sexual and cultural education.