It’s Complicated


Ms Naughty / Australia / 2019 / 16 min

Berlin, 2015: Two ex-partners and porn performers meet up again for a playful romp in the intermittent sunshine of a late Autumn morning. Transman Kay Garnellen and legendary sex worker Sadie Lune put their differences aside and just enjoy giving each other pleasure.

What does sex between exes look like? And what does it look like if they’re being paid to be filmed? This documentary explores the blurry line between performance and reality and the complicated interaction between sex work and relationships. It intercuts an interview with the performers with explicit footage of their scene.

4 pm PST – Saturday, September 12


Director Biography – Ms Naughty

Australian filmmaker Ms Naughty has been creating women’s erotica online since 2000. She is the owner of adult site BrightDesire which won Honored Website at the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards. She also co-owns, one of the oldest erotic sites for women. She blogs at In 2017 the Toronto International Porn Festival named her an Indie Porn Icon.

In 2008 she began creating short films and since then she has directed over 70 erotic short films and scenes and a feature film, The Fantasy Project. Her work has screened at numerous international film festivals and earned her several awards including Yes Campaign, about marriage equality and consent, which won Best Advocacy Short at Cinekink in NY in 2018. Trinity scored Sexiest Short at the Toronto International Porn Festival in 2017. Dear Jiz, about the influence of genderqueer adult performer Jiz Lee, won Best Experimental Short at the Cinekink NY film festival in 2014. Her short Hand Jobs won Best Cinematography at East Bay Express Briefs in 2016.

Ms. Naughty has also written extensively about porn and feminism. She has chapters in The Feminist Porn Book (2013) and Coming Out Like A Porn Star (2015) and her fiction has been published in several editions of Best Women’s Erotica.


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