Letting Go


Finn Peaks / Germany / 2021 / 12 min

“Goodbye, Boobs!”

Two genderqueer lovers engage in a kinky ritual of closure. They bid farewell to Finn’s boobs. LETTING GO is a sensual portrait of the last play session before his top surgery. At the same time, the movie is Marilyn Nova White’s debut in porn.

FEATURE:ONE LAST TIME – 3 PM PDT – Saturday, September 11 – Grand Illusion Cinema – TICKETS

Director Biography – Finn Peaks

Finn Peaks is a genderqueer model, performer and pleasure activist living in Berlin. He starred in countless porn movies, ranging from mainstream to queer indie films, and won the 2018 Toronto International Pornfestival Award (Most Tantalizing Trans Film).

Finn also directs his own movies, serving personal fantasies and fetishes to the audience, working with a network of close friends and co-performers. His latest collaboration is URBAN SMUT, an anthology of five urban-themed movies.

He appeared live on stages at erotic events like Pornfilmfestival Berlin, Hacker Porn Film Festival Rome or Erotikafton Malmö, with his self-ironic, sports-themed striptease shows.

Finn is also a workshop facilitator, offering discussion rounds and hands-on practice spaces for topics such as queer striptease, BDSM/kink, and the correlation of sexuality/libido and chronic pain & mental health issues.