Luminous Lust

Two people kissing with one laying on a counter top, naked.


Morgen Love, Val Elefante, Ines Ouedraogo, and Michael Ellsberg  / United States / 2018 / 11 min

Real-life couple Dylan Ryan and T. Pfister share with us how they fell in love and what about the other turns them on. This docu-porn gets steamy as we get an intimate view into their lustful and luminous sex life.

5 pm PST – Friday, September 11


*A short Q&A is scheduled after the screening with co-director Val Elefante.


Director Biographies

Val Elefante is currently at senior at Harvard College from Long Island, NY. She studies Social Studies and Economics, and is writing her thesis on the politics of pornography. She is interested in using critical texts and debates throughout history—in feminism, the law, post-modernist and queer theory—that have shaped how we think about sex, sexuality and representations thereof to examine the ethics of porn production and consumption. She is so grateful to Madison and the other members of Erotic Film School, including the performers Dylan and T, who all helped bring her studies to life in the production of “Luminous Lust”.

Inès Ouedraogo is a PhD candidate in Hispanic Language and Literature at Boston University. Her research focuses on the complexity of emotions and affects in erotic films that disrupt norms and ignorance on sexuality. Her dissertation explores the anthro-pornographic character of the seventh edition of PopPorn festival in São Paulo, Brazil and the complexity of emotions involved in erotic performance.

Michael Ellsberg is the author of three books: “The Education of Millionaires” (Penguin, 2011), “The Power of Eye Contact” (HarperCollins, 2010), “The Last Safe Investment” (Penguin, 2016, co-authored with Bryan Franklin). He is the creator of the Consent Pledge  a tool for raising awareness among men about affirmative consent. He lives in Berkeley, CA. 

Morgen Love is a Bay Area-based multi media artisan and a kink industry professional. Her current area of interest and inspiration lies at the intersection of experience curation, human sexuality, and collective healing.