One Last Time


Olympe de G. / France / 2020 / 72 min

Salomé has decided to end her own life. The date has been set, it will be in 6 months. Until then, what matters most to her is to plan her last time, the last time she’ll make love. She wants to give that moment even more importance than she gave to her first time.

ONE LAST TIME  is presented in French with English subtitles.

Starring  Brigitte LAHAIE & Alexandra CISMONDI

The film will be preceded by the short film, LETTING GO.

FEATURE: ONE LAST TIME – 3 PM PDT – Saturday, September 11 – Grand Illusion Cinema – TICKETS

Director Biography – Olympe de G.

I dream of a more open, sincere, respectful, inclusive, and creatively ambitious p0rn0graphy. Since 2015, I’m doing my best to make new, beautiful, sexually explicit cinema happen. Sometimes in front, but more often behind the camera — or the microphones.

In 2016 and 2017, I have directed 4 X rated short films, that are screened in festivals and visible on Erika Lust platforms. Since 2017, I explore the erotic potential of sound, through audio porn immersive experiences or erotic fictional audio series. In 2019 and 2020, I have been directing my first feature film.

My activities are non-profit : I use my benefits to donate to associations — such as Amnesty, to fight for sexworkers rights and against homo, bi and transphobia, or La Fondation des Femmes, to fight against online harassment. More than 10 000 € have been sent by myself and by the production companies I have been working with since the beginning of my activities, in 2017. I also reinvest my benefits into creative, inclusive projects accessible for free — such as the sex positive podcasts Voxxx and Coxxx.

I am an amateur cineast and pornographer. In French, amateur comes from « aimer », love. I create sexually explicit content out of passion and convictions, to propose creative, feminist and ethical alternatives to mainstream porn. And to inspire us all love and pride for our bodies and sexuality.