Neil Needleman / United States / 2020 / 6 min

If you screen this bizarre video for your audience, you may want to provide bananas or carrots for them to munch on.

“Caught on Camera” Shorts – 12 PM PDT – Saturday, September 11 – Grand Illusion Cinema – TICKETS

Director Biography – Neil Ira Needleman

I was born in Brooklyn, New York toward the middle of the last century, and I’ve held a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. Over the decades, the cameras may have changed, but my passion for tinkering with moving images hasn’t. I LOVE it. And I intend to keep doing it.

My videos have been regularly screened in film festivals around the world. And, yes, I’ve won a few awards along the way. This both surprises and delights me.

More recently, I’ve extended my creative vision to include other visual arts, including pattern making, sculpture, and installations.