Poster image reads PORNLIFE 2.0 DIRTY DREAZ Between the sad and happy life of sex workers a short film by Lily Lu.



Lily Lu / Germany / 2019 / 10 min

Making porn for a living has two sides. There is a big gap between the sad reputation of sexworkers and the fun and joy some of them have within this kind of life. Just a little sneak in the daily life of a couple within this lifestyle.

Director Biography – Lily Lu

known for their abstract art, tattooing and life. for nonkomformistic transformation of the human body and mind.

filmmaking is the new love of lily lu and involves the most fundamental aspects of this life. rituals, psychedelics and bdsm.

as someone who gives up any kind of social limitations he lives genderfree and switches between a female and male body in their daily life and also tries not to hold to any rules in his films.