Rising Sun Blues

close-up of a woman's face, lips parted, her hand on her neck as he lays back.


Sura Hertzberg / United States / 2019 / 5 min

We are the descendants of the witches they couldn’t burn. Our ancestors are always with us. The ghosts of whores long ago still haunt and moan for release from the puritanical, nightmarish state of the world. How do we free them? How else but in self pleasure and in joining their ranks. Only then can we truly understand, only then can we start to heal.

Director Biography – Sura Hertzberg, Marion Hill (DOP)

Sura Hertzberg is an artist working with the body and mind. Her work spans across mediums from performance to video-art to modeling, and deals with themes of sexuality, pleasure, and love. She has had the privilege of performing with many renowned artists, and showing her own work in a wide variety of venues internationally. Sura’s work aims to question and upset traditional performative standards, to deepen human connectedness and relationship, and to give those present an intimate and fully sensorial experience of art.