Ritual Waves

soft focus image of a woman's face, turned slightly away and glistening.


Lina Bembe / Germany / 2019 / 5 min

Centered in ritualistic practices of healing through sexual agency, Ritual Waves claims a space for introspection and celebration through autoeroticism, with water as an element of strength, depth and resilience through fluidity.

Director Biography – Lina Bembe

Lina Bembe is a Mexican performer, filmmaker and writer based in Berlin. She has been featured in a diverse range of pornographic narratives, from mainstream to different flavors of ‘feminist’, all the way to DIY queer post-porn. Lina was the Guest of Honour for the last London Porn Film Festival 2019, as well as Performer in Focus and Jury for the Berlin Porn Film Festival in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Ritual Waves is her directorial debut.

Twitter: @linabembe