9 to 5 (King Niore & Jet Setting Jasmine, United States, 18 min)

Jasmine and Bwana by day, Queen Jasmine and sub by night — get a chance to see that the pleasure of a dominant and submissive relationship can be enjoyed by any and all that seek to indulge in a little power play.

short film, BDSM, pegging, femme dom


BANG CLICK BANG (Paulita Pappel & Rod Wyler, United States, 2021, 16 min)

HardWerk’s latest gang bang is a slow burning subversion of cinematic tropes that finds the carnal in the camp and the sumptuous in the sleaze.

Short, parody, camp, sexploitation, gang bang, femme dom


BEARS WITH BANANAS AND BUBBLES IN THEIR BOXERS (Lee Campbell, United Kingdom, 2022, 5 min)

This short poetry film explores body acceptance and gay male body shaming. Gay men can exclude, leave you outside in the cold as quick as they can include and convivially welcome.

short film, poetry, queer, art film, body acceptance


THE BEAUTY OF STIGMA (Helias Doulis, Greece, 2021, 2 min)

A retired porn star becomes the narrator for the end of erotic innocence.

Short film, erotic poem



(Ashley Paige & Cat Gold, United States, 2021, 15min)

Using Cat’s body as a canvas for carving and smearing, Ashley loves to make a good girl cry and works up a sweat while doing it. Will Gold be good enough for Ashley’s carnal desires? Will they get what they deserve after all?

Short, BDSM, blood, knife play, impact play, play-piercing, queer


CAPTIVE (Anoushka, France, 2021, 92 min)


Drama, Dance, feel good, feature film, Queer


DANCE.DESTROY.CREATE (Marcus Quillan, 2021, United Kingdom, 14 min)

With the help of Yiming’s Bachata dance experience, we took inspiration from each other’s musical & sexual interests, as well as the sex-work tradition of lap-dance. We wanted to destroy existing expectation of what a porn film involving dance  could be, and create something  fresh & new.

Short film, dance


DEAR DOCTOR,  (Jasmina Saleh, United Kingdom, 2022, 4 min)

A visual poem about the pain and misdiagnosis of Endometriosis – utilising striking imagery and raw words to combine an effective and poignant piece.

short film, informative, Endometriosis



EX (George Markakis, Greece, 2021, 85 min)

A raw portrayal of Berlin’s uniquely hedonistic culture, Ex joins Diana and a carousel of majestic misfits as they indulge in a night of lust, truths and self destruction in the club “confessional”.

Berlin, Nightlife, drugs, feature film


FINDING ZEN (Bryan Camilla, United States, 2022, 3 min)

A meditation on self love.

short film,



FUDLIAKS! Tear the Sexes Apart (Jasmin Hagendorfer, Austria, 2021, 13 min)

“FUDLIAKS! Tear the sexes apart!” is set in an undefined present, in a mysterious laboratory: the Institute for Gender Normalization.

short film, comedy, sci-fi, genderqueer, queer


GRACE (abcde Flash, Switzerland, 6 min)

‘Grace.’ is an ode to abcde Flash’s understanding of her cycle and herself. By accepting each phase for what it is, she’s transformed this never-ending experience of highs and lows into a most reliable routine: a cycle that, like clockwork, she knows she can count on.

short film, medical play, menstruation, blood, needles


THE HOLEY GRAIL (Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell, Germany, 2021, 6 min)

It’s trial by goblet for this horny cup-bearer on his first day. Madame is thirsty and he’d better not spill a drop!

short film, comedy, wine glass, queer



IL PLEUT (Inka Winter, United States, 12 min)

When the rainy weather is incorporated into your dream anything can happen…

Short film, experimental, rain, sensual, queer



INTO-YOU-I-SEE-ME (India D’Scarlett, Australia, 2022, 6 min)

A collaboration between Rachel Rose & Oliver David, Into-You-I-See-Me explores sexual and sensual intimacy between differently-abled bodies and how ‘ability’ means nothing when eros is alive…

short film, disability


KINBAKU (Crystal Hou, United States, 2022, 1 min)

A 30-second animated glimpse into the experience of shibari.

Short, animated, bondage, shibari



THE LISTENER (Lidia Ravviso, United Kingdom, 2021, 70 min)

The Listener is a Lust Cinema Original, erotic murder mystery set in London. When Nora (Maisy Taylor) moves into a old Victorian house left to her by an unknown Aunt, she can’t believe her luck but it doesn’t take long for things to turn weird.

feature film, mystery, supernatural



MACHINE (Matthias Von Braun, United Kingdom, 2022, 2 min)

Machine is a dark surreal nightmare set deep underground in a post-human automated factory where a bio-mechanical android bursts from her artificial fetal sac. She discovers her body and rejects her sexuality.

short film, dark, cyberpunk, latex



MERCI MADAM MANON (Manon Praline, Germany, 2022, 21 min)

The Femmedomme uses the doll as her personal toy for pleasure, breaking through the limits of ethically acceptable sex practices.

Short film, human doll, gender, BDSM, queer



MINI RED (Hu Qiao, China, 2022, 8 min)

What can a red telephone do?A Chinese girl seems to have found a romantic and interesting way for it.



MUSE (Sylvia Borges, Germany, 2022, 22 min)

A drawing lesson becomes an open space for three women with different backgrounds and bodies to come together and admire the female body.

short film, drama, fantasy, queer, life drawing


MY ELEMENT WATER (Swen Brady Carnivore, Germany, 2021, 20 min)

A Documentary about a swimmer who seeks the challenge in her conformity element.

Short film, documentary, BDSM, breath play, waterboarding


MY GARAGE MY RULES (Manon Praline, Germany, 2020, 11 min)

In a play on classic French porn of yesteryear, Lola Tormento goes to get her car fixed but is it really her car engine that is leaking ? She wouldn’t have sex on the bonnet of the car with the mechanic would she ?

Short film, BDSM, queer, knife play


NARCISSISM – THE AUTOEROTIC IMAGES (Toni Karat, Germany, 2022, 90 min)

In this debut feature film Toni Karat invited 32 border crossers of all kinds to this beautiful untouched attic of 1929 – in order to explore the intimate view in the mirror, accompanied by photo shoots and interviews about gender, narcissism and self-love.

feature film, documentary, gender, non-binary, lesbian visibility, narcissism, self-love


NULLO (Jan Soldat, Germany, 2021, 16 min)

short film, documentary, body-modification



ORLANDOS (Julia Ritschel, Spain, 2021, 12 min)

ORLANDOS is a period drama adult movie that tells the story of a woman breaking free from her restricted life to meet her forbidden lover, a trans man, who shows her the world of seduction, freedom and lust.

short film, Victorian, queer, Virginia Wolfe


POLYAMORY THE MUSICAL (Inka Winter, United States, 2019, 5 min)

Polyamory explained in a musical.

Short film, musical, educational, not explicit


(Paulita Pappel, Germany, 2022, 9 min)

A microdocumentary on the history of women+s porn, celebrating the creativity and diversity of porn made by women and nonbinary folks.

short film, documentary, women+ filmmakers, pornography


SOVEREIGN SEX (Daemon Derriere, United States, 2021, 14 min)

Sovereign Sex is a docu-porn that follows the experience of Raz, age 30, as they explore their sexuality for the first time.

short film, docu-porn, rape survivor, platonic pegging


SPIT & ASHES (Maria Beatty, United States, 2018, 73 min)

“Spit and Ashes” is a reimagining of the historical violence waged against women by patriarchal forces in the name of religion, medicine and family.

feature film, witches


(John Stuart Wildman & Alan Smithee, United States, 2021, 6 min)

From the depths of someone’s lost VHS tapes is this story of an impossibly gorgeous doctor lawyer who runs out of gas next to a barn where an impossibly sweaty man is milking a cow.

short film, erotic thriller parody, humor, soft-core


THINGS AMONG DAYS (Daniel Mateo Vallejo, Columbia, 2021, 15 min)

Luciano tries to evade the weariness sensation in his life through music and sex in a city that deprives him from pleasure and submit him under the imminent siege of things.

Short film, drama, hookups, queer, threesome


WILD GARDEN (Antonio Da Silva & Grundvold, United Kingdom, 13 min)

In an abandoned wild garden, water and plants give life a to statue of a naked man. This rebirth brings him close to his ancestors and to the garden that he created to explore his sexual desires.

Short film, garden of Eden,  living statue, classical imagery, queer