Pablo Rodriguez / Germany / 2020 / 7 min

During her lockdown in Berlin, Ljuba broke up with her boyfriend. After struggling with the situation, she realized how important is to first learn to love yourself and then the others. A Facebook post asking for a wedding dress ended up in a real wedding ceremony with herself.

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Director Biography – Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez was born and raised in Granada, Spain. Today, he’s working as a videographer, living in Berlin. He studied Architectural Technologist in UGR (Spain). He is a self taught videographer that learnt all the film skills by documenting mostly weddings. He was awarded the best TV spot in the Agripina Awards 2012 (Spain). He got the a Special Jury Mention in the Short of the Year Festival Summer 2020, the monthly short film winner in the Flash Film Festival Berlin and also winner in the Short Film Festival 2020 for his short film Sologamy (2020). He also received several awards due to his wedding film work. He has held workshops and conferences for wedding photographers in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, México, Chile and Morocco.