Now that SECS Fest has been around for over 5 years, people are finally writing about us.

There was both an article and a podcast about SECS Fest’s first film event outside of Seattle; SECS Fest Midwest at Indiana University’s Cinema on March 3-4, 2022.

Reads: Indiana University Cinema A Place for Film. Heat and Heard: Coming to SECS Fest Midwest With a photo of a mature woman in a fur coat.

If or when a person views pornography today, it’s not likely in public, in polite company, or with aesthetic appreciation in mind. This is because mainstream pornography is often considered cheaply made, politically damaging, or crudely single-minded in its purpose: turning a person on or helping get them off. While there is certainly a strong grain of truth in those judgments, these assumptions still remain judgments — moral, aesthetic, and political — that don’t tell the whole story of what erotic cinema is, or more precisely what it can be. Read more.


Reads: A Place for Film: Episode 66 - SECS Fest Midwest with David Church A Place for Film: the IU Cinema Podcast Feb 28


Listen to Ep. 66 of A Place for Film.


From the Classroom to the Theatre: Public Porn Viewing as Counter-public Engagement

Dr. David Church

Synoptique Issue 9.2 , p260-268



Girls Just Want to Have: Shiva Sanjari Interviewed by Jessica Lanay

BOMB Magazine

Sep 7, 2021 to Broadcast Live from Seattle’s SECS Fest.


August 31, 2021