Get ready to submit your erotic film to SECS Fest 2024

It is time to make final changes to your original, erotic films and submit them to our annual erotic film festival coming in November.

To read our guidelines visit our submission page. The only changes for 2024 is that we are asking that short films are 30 minutes or less.

When you are ready to submit to SECS Fest, please go to

We are excited to announce that we have an upcoming event!


Friday, March 8 – 9:30 pm at the Grand Illusion Cinema

The Seattle Erotica Cinema Society presents a double-feature of early 1970s explicit sexploitation flicks. In white-coater comedic parody, sexologist Doctor Cordova treats the most challenging sexual problems of the new generation of post-sexual revolution youth of the 1970s. Next, Rene Bond introduces a series of erotic vignettes that enact the actual fantasies of youth that are more sexually adventurous and curious than their parents’ generation. Featuring Rene Bond, Marc Stevens, and Andrea True.

These films are presented in color, original 16mm film from the Seattle Erotica Cinema’s Society’s collection of film prints.

This program will be introduced by film and media scholar, David Church, Ph.D., providing historical background on the erotic documentaries, i.e. white coaters of the 60s and 70s.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is mask mandatory. Please bring a mask. There will also be masks available at the door.

*No one under 18 admitted*

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