Full festival passes are on sale for SECS Fest 2022

Not only are individual tickets available for pre-sale for each of the 9 festival programs, but full-festival passes are also on sale guaranteeing entry to all festival events.

Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets are now on sale for SECS Fest 2022!

Tickets to individual programs are $12 and Full-Festival Passes are $85!


SECS Fest 2022 Schedule

6:30 pm PDT – Friday, November 4 : NARCISSISM FEATURE PROGRAM (105 min)

9:00 pm PDT – Friday, November 4: EX FEATURE PROGRAM (100 min) 

12:00 pm PDT – Saturday, November 5: CAPTIVE FEATURE PROGRAM (100 min)

2:30 pm PDT – Saturday, November 5: STRIKE A POSE SHORTS PROGRAM (95 min)

5:00 pm PDT – Saturday, November 5: EROTIC GENRES SHORTS PROGRAM (80 min) 

8:00 pm PDT, Saturday, November 5: SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE BATHS

1:30 pm PST, Sunday, November 6: THE LISTENER FEATURE PROGRAM (80 min) 

4:00 pm PST, Sunday, November 6: PUSHING BOUNDARIES SHORTS PROGRAM (85 min) 

7:00 pm PST, Sunday, November 6: SPIT & ASHES FEATURE PROGRAM (95 min) 

Submissions for SECS Fest 2022 are now closed

An audience watches an old movie of a man wearing a suit and hat embracing an undressed woman.

Now SECS Fest volunteers will be busy watching all of the amazing submissions to decide what will be at the festival on November 4-6.

Thank you to all who submitted their work to the festival!

From what I’ve seen so far, it will be a very packed weekend of erotic cinema. Meaning it will be even more challenging to choose as there are so many great films and there won’t be time to show them all.

Extended film submission deadline is July 29

the S.E.C.S. Fest logo and announcement that the Extended Deadline is July 29, 2022 is superimposed over a rainbow colored image of a crowd of people being showered in confetti.

For filmmakers: Do you have a film that might fit our festival. We accept films of every genre each year that have a focus on human relationships and sexuality. Many of the films submitted to us include scenes of explicit sex, but many do not.

We fill the 3 day festival with short films, feature length films, documentaries, dramas, comedic short films, filmed poetry, experimental film, science fiction, and so much more.

And this is the final deadline to submit a film for SECS Fest 2022 in November!

To learn more or to submit a films, please visit: https://filmfreeway.com/SECSFEST


With your support, FILM UPRISING raised $173 for the @NWAAFund.

Festival director holding cans of 16mm films while standing under the Grand Illusion Cinema marquee that reads "FILM UPRISING"
Thanks to the Grand Illusion Cinema and all who supported our fundraiser on Tuesday night.  Sadly, between CIVID and the dying air conditioner, we had to reduce capacity to only 20 tickets, so I know many of you didn’t have the opportunity to watch the collection of feminist educational documentaries with us on Tuesday.

But we encourage you to support the NW Abortion Access Fund in anyway that you can. You can make a donation directly on their site to help them continue to provide support with procedure costs, lodging, meals, transportation, and childcare for those seeking access in the northwest.

Donate to the NW AAFund