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Back by popular demand, the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society has compiled 10 of the best short films from SECS Fest 2023. Included are the four award-winning short films: “EDGE” (Best Sex-Positive), “La Pequeña Muerte” (Best Short), “OVERLOAD” (Best Humor), and “Really Good Friends” (Best Documentary).

Delve into new and exciting worlds with international erotic short films that are certain to tickle your senses and excite your mind. In this diverse collection, there are films to appeal to all tastes and persuasions. With a trip to the erotic side of the Olympic games, with a lusty encounter in a desolate stadium, and then a short documentary about the power and acceptance of friendship. You’ll find a surreal allegory about being trans in an oppressive world. There are experimental films that use dance or stop-motion to portray the depths of desire and films that depict the fantasies that accompany opening of an erotic novel.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is mask mandatory. Please bring a mask. There will also be masks available at the door.

*No one under 18 admitted*


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