Too Hot for Alles!

We are teaming up with VHS Uber Alles  to present a film that is a bit racier than they normal. Like other VHS Uber Alles events, the film is a secret, but it is only available on VHS and will be presented on VHS.

  • Friday, Jun 14, 2024, 9:30pm
  • Grand Illusion Cinema
  • Tickets


For the first time, VHS Uber Alles and the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society team up to present a movie that is a bit too risqué for a typical VHS Uber Alles show.

This provocative documentary takes you onto the stage, behind the lights and into the lives of five dancers who make their living taking off their clothes. One is a Vegas showgirl. Two others work the remote, rowdy bars of western Canada. Another is a young hopeful from Los Angeles who dreams of becoming a top mainstream performer, and the fifth has a way with whips. See them in action as they perform, learn how they feel about themselves, and go with them to the dazzling, first-of-its-kind Convention where they compete for the top prize of $25,000! The lights are going down, the music’s coming up, and you’re about to be tantalized by every minute of this fascinating documentary’s look at this glamorous, gritty world, and the unique art form it revolves around.



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