Each year, the SECS Fest selection jury reconvenes after the festival to decide upon the best films in the festival to award four “Golden Raincoat Awards” to each year.

Why are the awards called “Golden Raincoats”?

We borrowed Raincoat from the derogatory term for the men who would frequent adult movie theaters, the raincoaters. So it seemed fitting to reclaim the stereotype of the sleazy guy in the raincoat while naming the SECS Fest awards.







#SECS FEST is this weekend at the Grand Illusion (@gicinema). Ticket sales end soon.

The festival begins on Friday, but if you want to watch the entire virtual live-stream of the festival, you need to buy your tickets now. Sales of the virtual festival pass end on Thursday, September 9 at 10 pm (Pacific Time).

Individual in-person tickets are still available to all shows and can be purchased through Stranger Tickets or in person at the Grand Illusion Cinema, 30 minutes before the start of the show. Just remember to wear a mask and bring proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Map of seattle region. Reads Weekend Traffic Alerts: Fri 9/10 - Mon. 9/3 Sounders Game 2 pm saturday Montlake Bridge, Montlake Blvd and SR520 ramps are closed 11 pm Friday - 5 am Monday. 1-5 Express Lanes closed 9 pm Friday - 5 pm Monday

The festival weekend is going to be challenging due to numerous sports events, construction, and road closures. So you will need to give plenty of time to get to the University District and find street parking.

Seattle scores a weekend of construction and sports, Sept. 10-13

And SECS FEST has some press this year.

BOMB Magazine: Girls Just Want to Have: Shiva Sanjari Interviewed by Jessica Lanay

Shiva Sanjari’s documentary, RED LIPSTICK, will screen on Sunday, September 12 at 2 pm. The full interview by Jessica Lanay will follow the film. Tickets an info at

See you at the festival!

So many erotic short films at #SECSFest2021!

This year, there are 30 short films at the festival spanning so many different genres. There is bound to be a shorts program that will appeal.

4 images are pictured: 1 Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra are seated on the floor, Bishop is holding Kali's elbow as they grin at each other. 2. Poodle Mix and Jasper Lowe share a passionate kiss. 3. two figures are drawn in black ink in a suggestive position. 4. A naked woman is seated on the floor.

“For Your Pleasure” Shorts Program (90 min)

Discover pleasures from new perspectives with films about self-discovery, new life, creative foreplay, bumpn’ beats, and a time traveln’ hole.

Another Beautiful Creature
Wild Card
Progressive Touch
Hole Theory

“For Your Pleasure” – 6 PM – Friday, Sept 10 – Grand Illusion – TICKETS

4 images: 1 A man straddles another man while filming him with a handheld camera 2. Kaleidoscopic image 3. A woman wearing a blindfold has an image projected on her face 4. a shirtless man wearing an officers cap is dancing at a club.

“Caught on Camera” Shorts Program (80 min)

Reflections, gaze, projections, and physical media all play a part in these films where the lens has a leading role.

The Mirror
2 or 3 Things I Like About Him
“In a Strange Room”

“Caught on Camera” – 12 PM – Sat, Sept 11 – Grand Illusion – TICKETS

4 images: 1. Three bright lights in a row 2. two man embrace on a dancefloor 3. 4 women with a guitar, banner reads girls to the front. 4, atmospheric image of a naked dancer in black and white.

“Nightclubbing” Shorts Program (90 min)

Get hypnotized by the music, lights and mysteries that linger in the afterhours. These films will take you through a mind melding blowjob, a late night stroll through a city asleep, an all girl band making more than just music, and plenty more visual vices that will rock your Saturday night.

The Multiverse in a MouthF*ck
Girl Gang

“Nightclubbing” – 6 pm – Sat., Sept] 11 – Grand Illusion – TICKETS

Four images: 1. a shirtless man with a grey beard rests against a stone wall 2. Two women sharing a joint, face each other with mouths nearly touching. 3. smoke comes from a woman's mouth 3. three people gathered together in a forest or park to take a selfie.

“Love is the Drug” Shorts Program (90 min)

Craving some nature? We’ve got you covered with bodega treats, picnics, sultry seaside encounters, canna-comforts and more. Guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

Snack Time
Dic Pic Picnic
Forest Affair
Tears for Water, A Selkie Fantasy
Saint Plaisir
Pops’ Corn

“Love is the Drug” – 8 pm – Sunday, Sept 12 – Grand Illusion  – TICKETS

Can’t decide? Get the virtual pass to the live-streamed festival and watch them all. Sales end for the virtual pass on Thursday, Sept 9 at 10 pm (PDT).

Ticket sales begin on August 25 for #SECSFest2021

Tickets are on sale at 8 am (pacific) on August 25.

You have the option to either see individual film programs at the Grand Illusion Cinema or you can get a pass to the festival live-stream. The only difference will be that the live-stream will not include the Fred Halsted double-feature.

For tickets visit  or visit our event page at Stranger Tickets.

Just remember, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (or have a recent negative test result) to attend the festival screenings at the Grand Illusion Cinema. Also, masks are required for all indoor events.

And as always, you must be 18+ to attend either the virtual or in-person festival.

*Ticket links will not work until after 8 am on August 25th.

Festival Updates – What to expect at #SECSFest2021 on Sept 10-12

SECS FEST September 10 -12, Adults Only, Info and Tickets at , 18 plus

SECS Fest is only one month away.

Due to the recent increases in COVID-19 transmission in Seattle, to insure the safety of festival attendees and our all volunteer festival crew, there are new guidelines put in place by the Grand Illusion Cinema.


  • All patrons are required to show proof of vaccination (card or photo of card) or proof of a negative COVID test from the last 48 hours.
  • Masks required for all regardless of vaccination status.
  • Our auditorium capacity is reduced by 50% and seats will be blocked off to help facilitate distancing. In addition, we are limiting showtimes to one per night, plus one matinee on weekend afternoons.
  • We will not sell concessions for the time being. Please feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic beverage and keep your mask on when not drinking. No outside food allowed.
  • We now accept debit/credit cards (in addition to cash) and offer advance ticket purchases for all shows. No refunds.
  • We installed filtration capable of removing airborne COVID particles in the auditorium, lobby, and projection booth.
  • Our volunteers are vaccinated. Please get vaccinated yourself if you haven’t!
  • We are doing all of this to keep you safe as well as our volunteers, who donate their time to run the cinema.

Individual tickets and the virtual full-series pass will be available for purchase on August 25 here at