In 2013, I volunteered to be a film programmer for an erotic festival and ever since, I’ve been aware of the potential for a hugely successful annual sex-focused film festival in Seattle, but I also wanted one that was very different than the 2013 event. I wanted a festival with more feature length films and with a more diverse offering of films.

A year after enrolling in David Church’s course, History of Porn, he suggested reaching out to his students for help with building an annual film festival that would celebrate sex in cinema. And thus, the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society (SECS) was born .

To promote the film society and to raise money for SECS Fest, we host a monthly film at the Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle’s University District. The films range from the X-rated films from the Golden Age of adult movies, soft-core sexploitation films, European art-films, experimental works, and even less explicit films on relationships or erotic subjects.

DeAnna Berger – SECS Director

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