SECS Fest 2023 was a hit

Thank you erotic film fans for finding the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society Festival and coming out to our 2023 festival. It was fantastic to meet so many of you this year and to reconnect with old friends.

Don’t worry if you missed the festival as we plan to be back for a Best of SECS Fest Shorts in the spring and will be planning more events in the future.

Don’t forget that Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and as a non-profit erotic film festival, all donations go directly to help us pay for the venue, film screening fees, and other miscellaneous expenses like the website, email, advertising, and so on. Showing erotic-themed movies is our passion. Be part of the dream to keep spreading sex-positivity and queerness.

SECS Fest 2023

Jamen Meistrich helped us introduce Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi, DIY Shorts on Saturday

We were excited to meet the director of OVERLOAD, Jamen Meistrich, who dropped by to watch his film at the festival on Saturday.

Now you can catch up with his short horror film OVERLOAD at the free streaming platform,, an artist first platform that is advertiser supported. The Ad revenue goes to support the artists.


Old friends at the fest

For the first time in ages, most of the original SECS Fest crew were together at one place to watch WORK IT SHORT FILMS. It was a blast catching up.


Finally, SECS Fest apologizes to Jimmy

As you can see above, Jimmy got a little crazy over the weekends and tossed his flannel and slacks for a more appropriate festival ensemble. Jimmy, you look fabulous!

And just because you missed Giving Tuesday on November 28th, it isn’t too late to donate and make a difference and join our team of sex-positive crusaders.

Please consider making a one time or monthly donation via our online donation page. Your generous gift will help us ensure the success of SECS Fest, our annual sex-positive, queer, erotic film festival.



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