Submissions are now open for SECS FEST 2022 #EroticFilmFestival #QueerFilm #SexPositive

Submissions are open for SECS FEST 2022

For those who create erotic film, we have opened submissions for this years festival.

We are seeking films of any length and genre that depict and tell stories pertaining to human sexuality and adult relationships. We  attempt to emphasize the experiences of queer, feminist, BIPOC, trans and non-binary creators and performers in our festival curation.


Submission Deadlines:

  • April 8 – Earlybird deadline
  • May 27 – Regular deadline
  • June 24 – Late deadline
  • July 29 – Extended deadline

Submit at

The radical art of explicit cinema graces the silver screen with Best of SECS Fest and SECS Fest Midwest. @gicinema and Indiana University Cinema

One Last Time, Olympe de G’s meditation on sex and aging and winner of Best Feature at SECS FEST 2021.

Next weekend, our partners at Indiana University have curated two days of the best of SECS Fest 2021 including two short film programs and SECS Fest Best Feature, One Last Time. Dr. David Church provides a introduction and convincing argument to not miss out on the Midwestern festival with Heat and Heart: Coming to SECS Fest Midwest.

…when we look beyond straight and narrow ideas of pornography as a cultural “bad object,” shrouded in a veil of sex-negative attitudes, then we can begin finding sexually explicit films that are as artfully made and politically engaged as any other form of cinema. Indeed, at a time when sexuality and pornography are both expected to remain behind closed doors for the sake of social respectability, there is something almost radical about opening oneself to public exhibitions of sex, finding beauty in different forms of erotic pleasure and sexual identity than one’s own.

For those not in Indiana, you can catch these programs here in Seattle at the Grand Illusion Cinema.

One one week is the shorts program, Best of SECS Fest 2021: Carnal Delights, which explores the lighter side of sex, with films themed around food, fun, friendship, and laughter. The program includes the SECS FEST 2021 Best Humor Award winner, Progressive Touch.

Shorts program Carnal Delights.

In April, you will be able to see the Best of SECS Fest 2021 Shorts program: Holes & Wholes. Here the more serious side of sex takes center stage, with films that use sex to think through personal, philosophical, and metaphysical issues such as trust, transformation, the natural world, and the boundaries of existence. It includes award winning shorts Hole Theory (SECS FEST 2021 Best Short), Another Beautiful Creature (SECS FEST 2021 Best Docu-Porn) and the Multiverse in the Mouth Fuck (SECS FEST 2021 Best Sex-Positive Film).

Shorts Program Holes & Wholes

And finally in May, we will hold a screening of the SECS FEST 2021 Best Feature Winner, One Last Time. This touching meditation on sexuality and mortality stars Brigitte Lahaie (who some viewers will recall from her many appearances in 1970s European horror and adult films) as Salomé, an aging French woman who decides to end her life before society’s ageism relegates her to supposed irrelevance as an elderly person.

Upcoming Best of SECS Fest Screenings:

Friday, March 4 – Best of SECS Fest2021: Carnal Delights – 10 pm

Saturday, April 2 – Best of SECS Fest2021: Holes & Wholes – 10 pm

Saturday, May 7 – Best of SECS Fest2021: One Last Time – 10 pm

To buy tickets go to the Grand Illusion Cinema. Tickets are on sale now.

For details about SECS Fest Midwest visit SECS Fest Midwest at Indiana University Cinema.





Announcing upcoming Best of SECS Fest 2021 screenings #ShortFilms #EroticFilm

Did you miss the festival last September? Or do you want to revisit some favorites?

For the 2021 festival, we were fortunate to have some film students from Indiana University help jury the festival selections. So they put together two collections of short films and one feature in a Best of SECS  Fest – Midwest event, so we are going to play the same programs for our local audience.

Coming to Seattle at the Grand Illusion Cinema in March is the first shorts collection in our Best of SECS Fest 2021 series, Best of SECS Fest 2021: Carnal Delights and in April will be Best of SECS Fest 2021: Holes & Wholes.

You will now want to miss these sexy-fun selections of short films from around the globe.

Best of SECS Fest 2021: Carnal Delights

These playful short films explore the lighter side of sex, themed around food, fun, friendship, and laughter. Featuring splashes of absurdist humor, unexpectedly creative relationships, and improvisational pleasures, there’s something for everyone here! The program concludes with the featurette Wild Card (Jennifer Lyon Bell, 2020), starring Bishop Black and Kali Sudhra.

Contains sexually explicit material. Adults (18+) only.


Friday, Mar 4: 10:00 pm

Best of SECS Fest 2021: Holes and Wholes

These thought-provoking shorts explore the more serious side of sex, with themes of trust, transformation, healing, nature, and the universe. Ranging from magical-realist fantasies to documentaries to poetic essays, these films all use sex to think through personal, philosophical, and metaphysical issues, stimulating your mind as much as your body. Contains unsimulated sex and nudity.

Contains sexually explicit material. Adults (18+) only.


Saturday, Apr 2: 10:00 pm


Hop on the SHORTBUS in February

After a long absence, we are again hosting events at the Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle.  Starting with the 4K restoration of SHORTBUS (2006). So if you missed our 35mm screening in 2018, here’s another opportunity to see this amazingly warm and innovative film from director, John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

Shortbus – 4K Restoration

John Cameron Mitchell · 2006 · USA
101min · DCP
Playing Feb 6 through Feb 9

New 4K Restoration! John Cameron Mitchell’s SHORTBUS explores the lives of several emotionally challenged characters as they navigate the comic and tragic intersections between love and sex in and around a modern-day underground salon. A sex therapist who has never had an orgasm, a dominatrix who is unable to connect, a gay couple who are deciding whether to open up their relationship, and the people who weave in and out of their lives, all converge on a weekly gathering called Shortbus: a mad nexus of art, music, politics, and polysexual carnality. Set in a post-9/11, Bush-exhausted New York City, SHORTBUS tells its story with sexual frankness, suggesting new ways to reconcile questions of the mind, pleasures of the flesh, and imperatives of the heart. ** This film is rated NC-17, no one under 17 will be admitted. **

Co-presented by SECS Fest.

“Few arthouse directors have put real sex to such narratively constructive and credibly, humorously human use.” Ben Walters, Time Out

“A rather sweet, wistful little movie that just happens to have a lot of explicit sex in it.” Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

“Something both deeply funny and transcendently human: a revolving door that leads to the senses and to the heart” Ty Burr, Boston Globe


Sunday, Feb 6: 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm
Monday, Feb 7: 7:00 pm
Wednesday, Feb 9: 7:00 pm
Thursday, Feb 10: 7:00 pm

*Mask and proof of vaccination required for entry.

Click for tickets