Archival Series

ABIGAIL LESLEY IS BACK IN TOWN  ** World Premiere of New 2K Restoration! 
Introduction by David Church, PhD*
d. Joseph W. Sarno
USA (1975) – 100 min
A sexually liberated woman (Jennifer Jordan) returns home to a small fishing village and sets off a chain reaction of unleashed desire among her former classmates and friends. But has the notorious Abigail Lesley come back to free the sexually repressed peers who drove her out of town or to seek retribution for their hypocrisy? This emotionally sensitive, softcore potboiler from erotic master Joe Sarno features a skilled cast of Golden Age adult stars, including Rebecca Brooke, Eric Edwards, Jennifer Welles, Sonny Landham, and Jamie Gillis.
*No one under 18 admitted*

MEMORIES WITHIN MISS AGGIE ** World Premiere of New 2K Restoration!
Introduction by David Church, PhD*
d. Gerard Damiano
USA (1974) – 95 min
In this follow-up to his “porno chic” hit The Devil in Miss Jones (1973), Gerard Damiano presents the reminiscences of Aggie, an older woman recounting major sexual milestones with her husband Richard. Each melancholy flashback features Aggie and Richard played by different actors (including Kim Pope, Mary Stuart, Darby Lloyd Rains, Eric Edwards, and Harry Reems), suggesting Aggie’s increasingly unstable recollections as she comes to a final, heartbreaking realization. This brand-new restoration recovers a long-forgotten, Bergmanesque effort by one of adult cinema’s great auteurs.
*No one under 18 admitted*

*Dr. David Church is a Lecturer of Cinema Studies at Northern Arizona University, where he specializes in genre studies, gender/sexuality studies, taste cultures, and histories of film exhibition and distribution. His books include Disposable Passions: Vintage Pornography and the Material Legacies of Adult Cinema (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016) and Grindhouse Nostalgia: Memory, Home Video, and Exploitation Film Fandom (Edinburgh University Press, 2015).

ABIGAIL LESLEY IS BACK IN TOWN (1975) – September 7 – 9 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema – Tickets
MEMORIES WITHIN MISS AGGIE (1974) – September 8 – 9 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema – Tickets


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