Femme is Fierce Shorts Program

FEMME IS FIERCE Shorts Program (86 min)
Explore the feminine side of erotic film with a collection of fantastical tales and thrilling fantasies.
Director Urvashi and the cast of Heaven & Bambi K, director of Wheel of Fortune, are scheduled to attend.

Saturday, September 8 – 4:30 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema


Directed by Igor Luna
Spain, 2017 (9 min)
A sweet tale in which you wouldn’t expect someone be tailor-made for your bathtub.
Director Bio:
Born in Madrid and raised in Granada, returned to his hometown to develop his acting skills. After a decade of experience as an actor and several years working as a director and producer of theatre plays, he dares for the first time with an audivisual creation, his shortfilm ARIDAI.

Directed by Clit Boner & Trilly Crenshaw
USA, 2017 (7 min)
Intimate pampering that will make you goo-goo ga-ga.
Director Bio:
Trilly Crenshaw is a native Texan who has made a way in the ABDL community through diaper twerking. Her career in make up art has channeled her to Film where she can combine the two passions. Creating a safe space for a wide range of fetish content.
Clit Boner (pronounced: Klee Bone-YAY!) is an Austin Texas based filmmaker. He is currently producing more fetish videos under the Have Fun Vidz logo. “Oh, Baby” is the first in what will be more visually striking adult content.

Directed by Monica Lisa Stambrini
Italy, 2016 (20 min)
The party is dwindling inside but their passion is catching in the garden. His cell phone’s persistent ringing distracts his erection. Disappointed, she disappears into the woods. He stumbles after her but finds Queen Kong instead.
Director Bio:
MONICA STAMBRINI graduated from Film School in Milan in 1994 and since has directed various short films, documentaries, videoclips and art-videos which have screened in festivals all over the world. Her first feature film – Gasoline (Benzina) – played at the Toronto Film Festival,  and received global distribution. More recently her documentary Electric Chair – the making of the film Me & You by B.Bertolucci was screened both in Venice and Rotterdam Film Festival. Queen Kong, an x-rated short film, won the Best Narrative Short film award at Queens World Film Festival 2016 and was a special event at the 52° Pesaro Film Festival and at the Milan Film Festival.
Currently she’s editing the film Io sono Valentina Nappi (with the pornstar Valentina Nappi), working on a documentary on her grandfather and writing her next feature film. She lives in Rome and she is the foundress of Le Ragazze Del Porno, a collective project of explicit films by Italian female directors.

Directed by Rococo Royalle
USA, 2017 (11 min)
Curves, stretch marks, curly hair. Dressed in their nudity and colorless bars of paint, they merge and embrace. They fuck in their blissful mess, haphazard limits diminished to silky grey smears.
Director Bio:
Rococo Royalle is a queer feminist smut performer and director from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They started The Lust Garden after a brief stint in mainstream porn that left them feeling disillusioned and frustrated. Using their art-school-dropout education, they’ve been filming for the project, along with continuing their fine art work on the side, for the last four years. When they’re not busy touring, they can usually be found cuddling their bunnies, reading some critical theory, or dancing at a techno show. See more of them at rococoroyalle.com.

Directed by Jim Vendiola
USA, 2017 (11 min)
Camille, a recent widow, falls into a strange, long-distance courtship with Delphine, a librarian – who also happens to be Camille’s deceased husband’s first wife.
Director Bio:
Jim Vendiola is a Filipino-American filmmaker whose work has screened internationally, and whose unconventional style has garnered critical notice. He was named one of Newcity’s FILM 50 of 2016, alongside such production notables as Dick Wolf (“Law & Order”), The Wachowskis (The “Matrix” Trilogy), and Joe Swanberg.
Jim’s latest work is the erotic arthouse romance, LIBRARY HOURS. Lisa Vandever of CineKink describes it as, “beautifully shot and impeccably realized…a lush tale of literary longing, a sumptuous meeting of both mind and flesh.”

Directed by Bambi K.
USA, 2018 (8 min)
Five strangers are trapped in orifice bondage and only their sexual release can set them free.
Director Bio:
Bambi K is  a visual & multimedia artist, film-maker, and photographer, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

HEAVEN  ** World Premiere **
Directed by Urvashi
USA, 2018 (20 min)
Five friends turn a ladies’ night hang into the ultimate adult slumber party.
Director Bio:
From the age of five Urvashi has been no stranger to the darkroom, learning to shoot, develop and process prints in the family basement. A passion for the aesthetic has always driven her to produce the finest images while drawing her audiences into the deeper story of a photograph. Having moved from still photography to the movie set, Urvashi continues to delight audiences with erotic art that stimulates and inspires people to see the pleasures of sexuality within context and respect for all involved.

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