Sovereign Sex

Sovereign Sex

Daemon Derriere / United States / 2021 / 14 min

Sovereign Sex is a docu-porn that follows the experience of Raz, age 30, as they explore their sexuality for the first time. A decade ago, Raz’s virginity was taken by rape; now they are choosing to have their first sovereign sexual experience by pegging their close friend Daemon, on camera. Daemon willingly offers up his juicy ass for their mutual pleasure and together they create a fun, safe environment for erotic exploration and healing.

EROTIC GENRES: Short Films / 5 pm, Nov 5 / Grand Illusion Cinema

Director Biography – Daemon Derriere

Daemon Derriere (he/him) is a filmmaker and performer in “protest porn” that protests the censorship of erotic media and criminalization of sex work. His work has been Official Selections at many of the major indie porn film festivals around the world including the PFFs of Berlin, London, Athens, and Vienna, La Fête du Slip and Porny Days in Switzerland, HUMP! Festival, CineKink and SECS Fest in the US, and the Festival Excéntrico in Santiago, Chile. Find him on Twitter and Instagram via @DaemonDerriere

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