(W/HOLE) (2019, USA, 96 min)

Directed by Mahx Capacity

*No one under 18 admitted*


(W/HOLE) is an evening-length film created by queer/feminist porn collective AORTA films in collaboration with performance company the A.O. Movement Collective. This feature length film seeks to explore the incredible potency of queer hedonism, specifically how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm, and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy. This work aims to negotiate pornographic embodiment as an anti-oppressive, trans-inclusive feminist practice rooted in femme caretaking and risk, and contextualizes itself as a choreographic process. (W/HOLE) investigates the complexity of pleasure, exploring the so-called obscenity of bodies in their most tremendous capacity—their glorious, illicit humanity.

At turns lush, humorous, sincere, erotic, joyful, and intense, (W/HOLE) forsakes traditional expectations of “porn” to create an unexpectedly textured landscape of desire. Amidst ecstatic water balloon fights, opulent feasts devoured without utensils, narrations of pleasure, lewd hand gestures, densely scored orgies, improvisational performance, and intense kink dynamics, (W/HOLE) proposes a new type of pornography: a world of queer sex that is at once surreally lush and intensely real. The film celebrates queer pleasure as a type of queer resistance, while inviting viewers of all identities towards their own human capacity for pleasure.

September 7 – 4:30 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema – Tickets

Director Bio:

AORTA films makes lusty, opulent, ethical fuckery. Led by creator/director Mahx Capacity and producer/performers Ginny Woolf and Parts Authority, AORTA films creates queer/feminist pornography that disrupts boundaries and glitches desire. Working out of DIY and experimental performance contexts, they create content that centers performers across a wide range of bodies, genders, races, and identities. They work collaboratively, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically consensual creative processes, and are obsessed with creating aesthetics and narratives that explode with destabilizing pleasure.

Ginny, Parts, and Mahx have been creating smut together since 2012, and founded AORTA films in 2015. Their work has been screened internationally at festivals including the Scottish Queer International Film Festival (Glasgow), Wonderlust (Helsinki), Choreoscope (Barcelona), POP PORN (Sao Paulo), PornFilmFestival (Berlin), and MIX Copenhagen. Their work is available in full on their website, and is additionally distributed by PinkLabel, TrenchcoatX, and (coming soon) Erika Lust. Dive in at @AORTAfilms and www.AORTAfilms.com.

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