Lina Bembe / Germany / 2022 / 5 min.

Included in VISIONS OF LOVE Short Film Program – Sunday Nov 12 at 5 pm – Buy Tickets

A music video for Maika Küster’s WTCHSONG. A story about the power fluidity of queer desire; WTCHSONG explores main character Jasko’s inner world, its fluctuations and the multiple representations created around her object of desire. WTCHSONG unwinds among introspective emotions of longing and proximity, but also around the eventual need for clarity when consumed by fantasy.


Director’s Biography – Lina Bembe

Lina Bembe is a director and performer based in Berlin. She has been featured in a diverse range of pornographic narratives, from mainstream to different flavors of ‘feminist,’ all the way to DIY queer post-porn. Lina often gets invited to write, speak or curate screenings about sex education, feminism, culture and explicit sexuality.

Twitter/Instagram: @linabembe

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