#AfterBlue opens at the Grand Illusion Cinema on June 3rd

futuristic strange land it depicted with unusual looking plants and rocks formations. a tall, long-haired and nude figure is walking away as a blond kneels watching them go.

The Seattle Erotica Cinema Society is honored to co-present the queer futuristic AFTER BLUE (B. Mandico, 2022, France, 130 min):

In a faraway future, on a wild and untamed planet, a lonely teenager, Roxy, releases an assassin from the sands she was buried in. As soon as she’s free, the criminal sparks death all around. Roxy and her mother Zora are held accountable, banished from their community and forced to track the murderer down. They start a long journey pacing the supranatural territories of their filthy paradise.

After Blue comes from Bertrand Mandico, part of a new wave of boundary-pushing queer French filmmakers.


Friday, Jun 3: 7:30 pm
Saturday, Jun 4: 7:30 pm
Sunday, Jun 5: 4:00 pm, 7:30 pm
Tuesday, Jun 7: 7:30 pm
Wednesday, Jun 8: 7:30 pm
Thursday, Jun 9: 7:30 pm


An artistic image of a ferris wheel. The Text reads S.E.C.S. Fest Regular Deadline May 27, 2022 Submit now Film Freeway. filmfreeway.com/secsfest The Regular Deadline for SECS Fest 2022 film submissions is only a week away.

So if you want to see your erotic film play for Seattle audiences, submit is today before submission fees increase in May 28.

To submit and learn more go to https://filmfreeway.com/SECSFEST


Reads S.E.C.S. Fest World Premiere All Super 8 film program Non-Stop Disco Fleshtacular extra added attraction DJ Shibari Inu. Pictured is vintage ads with attractive women that say UNCENSORED, STAG FILMS, ADULT MOVIES and Photos. There is also a vintage image of a excited woman next to a record player.

Non-Stop Disco Fleshtacular

One Night Only! Experience live projections of 100% straight, gay and beyond reels from vintage adult films. This multi-sensory experience will feature a grab bag of silent super8 reels from the 1960s to the 1980s. These short dirty films will be fleeting and effervescent, just like pleasure itself. One-and-a-half hours of non-stop pleasure! Live flesh ON SCREEN.

The ambience will be provided by DJ Shibari Inu. Shibari will add the funk to the steamy imagery with his collection of underground Detroit house all on vinyl. Get ready to experience the smooth disco and soul vibes that only DJ Shibari Inu can bring. Feel the hot vinyl LIVE and in-person.

Event includes depictions of non-simulated sex. Must be 18+ to attend.


Friday, Jun 10: 10:00 pm

#GiveBIG is only days away! Please support erotic #FilmFestivals like SECS Fest

text reads Give Big May 3 to 4 with a blue heart.

Our annual film festival, SECS Fest, turns 6 this year. Compared to the likes of Seattle International Film Festival (48), Seattle Queer Film Festival (26), Local Sightings (25), and Translations (17);  we are an extremely young festival. Nevertheless, 6 feels like an accomplishment. Especially for a niche film festival like ours.

When we started the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society (SECS), we were one of few festivals in the USA screening explicit films. SECS was created to showcase archival films, features, and international films. We wanted to give these films the same treatment that any other film gets at a festival. Why should pornography be something you only watch at home privately?

Our hope is that you may discover something new at one of our screenings. Pornographic films are as stylized, artistic, and moving as a non-explicit film. SECS Fest has screened docuporns, experimental, comedy, dance, dramatic narratives, and music videos – all with explicit content. Guest film scholars and historians give our archival films context. Filmmaker Q&As inspire discussion with audience members.

It’s not easy being a festival that shows erotic content. We struggle with advertising our shows on social media, working with vendors that will allow us to sell tickets online, holding virtual events and much more – all because of the content of our films. Despite this, we have somehow made it to year 6.

When the COVID pandemic hit, the Grand Illusion (SECS’s home venue) shutdown. We were unable to hold monthly screenings which helped us fund our annual film festival. For our 4th annual SECS Fest we went virtual. Turnout was better than we thought but still low. A year passed. Seattle was cautiously reopening.  Weeks before our 5th annual SECS Fest occurred, the Grand Illusion opened its doors again and we held an in-person festival. Needless to say, attendance was extremely low. As the months have gone by, attendance has gotten better; but it’s still not what it was pre-COVID.

Most of our budget goes into our annual festival – venue rental and advertising being the largest costs. However, there are many other costs that go into putting on a festival – ticketing, poster art, printing flyers, etc. Our volunteer staff take on all aspects of festival production: programming, print traffic, communication with filmmakers, website management, newsletters, event coordination, social media/marketing, festival trailers, and all the tasks in between. We dedicate our personal time to make SECS Fest happen. Though our team is small, it says a lot that we have been committed to SECS for over 6 years.

Each year before the pandemic, we’ve somehow managed to stay afloat. But the last two years have hurt our small budget.Though our primary focus is SECS Fest, monthly screenings are a great way for audiences to find us, connect and learn more about our organization. Our monthly screenings have predominantly been a way to feature repertory films such as SEX WORLD, THUNDERCRACK!, SHORTBUS, and BIJOU. But we’ve also used those screenings to bring in newer restorations of older films or current films outside the scope of our annual festival. There is much to rediscover in the genre of erotic films and our goal is to bring more of that to our audience now that theaters have reopened. But we need your help – distribution fees to book films cuts into our festival budget, which is routinely tight.

We hope you can see the value of our mission and help us continue to grow and develop our foundation. We’d love to be on that list of festivals I mentioned earlier – hitting our 10, 15 and 20th year!

All our appreciation,

The SECS Fest Team

To contribute visit www.wagives.org/organization/Secsfest

Earlybird Deadline for submissions is today! #Erotic #FilmFestival #LGBTQIA #SexPositive

Background is an audience in a movie theater. Text reads: S.E.C.S. Fest Earlybird Deadline April 8, 2022 Submit Now FilmFreeway

Today is the Earlybird Deadline. Submission fees will increase tomorrow.

Submission Deadlines for SECS Fest 2022:

  • Earlybird – April 8, 2022
  • Regular – May 27, 2022
  • Late – June 24, 2022
  • Extended – July 29, 2022

To submit a sex-positive, erotic film for SECS Fest 2022, please visit our site at filmfreeway.org/secsfest.


Best of SECS Fest returns on Saturday, April 2.

Ranging from magical-realist fantasies to documentaries to poetic essays, these films all use sex to think through personal, philosophical, and metaphysical issues, stimulating your mind as much as your body.

BEST OF SECS FEST: Holes & Wholes

10 pm Saturday, April 2

  • Fisherman
  • Tears for Water: A Selkie Fantasy
  • Hole Theory – Winner Best Short Film at SECS Fest 2021
  • Saint Plaisir
  • Another Beautiful Creature Winner Best Docu-Porn at SECS Fest 2021
  • Letting Go
  • The MultiVerse in a MouthF*ck  Winner Best Sex-Positive Film at SECS Fest 2021

Tickets are on sale now at the Grand Illusion Cinema website


Submissions are now open for SECS FEST 2022 #EroticFilmFestival #QueerFilm #SexPositive

Submissions are open for SECS FEST 2022

For those who create erotic film, we have opened submissions for this years festival.

We are seeking films of any length and genre that depict and tell stories pertaining to human sexuality and adult relationships. We  attempt to emphasize the experiences of queer, feminist, BIPOC, trans and non-binary creators and performers in our festival curation.


Submission Deadlines:

  • April 8 – Earlybird deadline
  • May 27 – Regular deadline
  • June 24 – Late deadline
  • July 29 – Extended deadline

Submit at filmfreeway.com/secsfest