Extended film submission deadline is July 29

the S.E.C.S. Fest logo and announcement that the Extended Deadline is July 29, 2022 is superimposed over a rainbow colored image of a crowd of people being showered in confetti.

For filmmakers: Do you have a film that might fit our festival. We accept films of every genre each year that have a focus on human relationships and sexuality. Many of the films submitted to us include scenes of explicit sex, but many do not.

We fill the 3 day festival with short films, feature length films, documentaries, dramas, comedic short films, filmed poetry, experimental film, science fiction, and so much more.

And this is the final deadline to submit a film for SECS Fest 2022 in November!

To learn more or to submit a films, please visit: https://filmfreeway.com/SECSFEST


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