A Mes Amours


Anoushka / France / 2022 / 87 min.

A loving couple, Elisa and Samuel, are on vacation in their home in the south of France. Samuel is a director working on his next film. Elisa is an actress, working through a complicated period in her career. The couple decide to invite Lola, a sociology student from San Francisco, to stay with them for the summer to aid her research on gender norms and gender in heterosexual monogamous relationships. An immediate attraction develops among the three of them. Can Elisa and Samuel imagine a more modern and less conservative conception of love?

In French with English subtitles

Preceding the feature film will be the short film:

Inka Winter (USA, 2022, 29 min)

Siri is looking for some company so she is texting some…friends…but when more than one of them responds, who is she to turn them down? See what happens in this hot threesome.

Director Biography – Anoushka

The lack of realistic porn that resembled Anoushka’s sexuality, coupled with a passion for cinema is what led to Anoushka’s career as a porn director. Anoushka studied classical cinema and communication, where filmmakers such as Michael Haneke, John Cassavetes, Steve McQueen, Gonzalo Inarritu, Xavier Dolan, and Oshima left lasting impressions.

Anoushka became a Production Manager on an adult TV channel and through that gained experience being on set, working with a founder of ethical porn (Ovidie), getting to know actors and actresses, and seeing first-hand what the positives and negatives were in the profession.

Wanting to create real pornographic cinema with simple stories where the details matter, Anoushka strives to make porn oriented towards you, towards your sexuality, and towards our uninhibited generation.

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