After Matter Comes Energy


Nicky Lapierre & Nour Beech / France / 2021 / 19 min.

Included in VISIONS OF LOVE Short Film Program – Sunday Nov 12 at 5 pm – Buy Tickets


It is at the crossroads between porn and the art that these transfeminist polytopias meet, made of hybrid desires, without taboos or shame, where the suggestive content is neither degrading nor standardized but comes to awaken the senses by the image, the words, the movement. In queer love, a new pornographic, transgressive and alternative aesthetic is emerging, where the model and photographer are both subjects of pleasure and creator of content. In a staging of fantasy, with a trashy aesthetic and caring reach, OF MANIFESTO goes against the tide of the image of modesty in which we are locked up. Two non-binary beings who use their bodies to send a transgressive message which is: love can also be pornographic. In order to confront people with our trashy benevolence and sexy vulnerability to convey the need to radically transform the world. An explosion of intimate, private and public spaces to learn to deconstruct, build and reconstruct. Post-porn performers use their bodies as a space for expression politics and their intimate relationship as a process of resistance.

AFTER MATTER COME ENERGY is a journey to the dissenting fringes, a laboratory of eroticism, rebellion and disobedience through a subversion of norms and the exploration of radical emotions.

Free spirits, transcending moral judgment, ethical short circuit porn where clients pay for the production, an alternative and hot duo that disturbs morals, bare ass everywhere, revolution of desire because it is subjective and subversive.

The OF MANIFESTO duo crosses images, impulses, the words of the authors, intimacy, gentleness, looks, fire, freed from binarity, the codes of the norm, these transgalactic energies come together for the time to excite some or to exaggerate others.



Directors’ Biography – Nicky Lapierre & Nour Beech

Genderfuck whore, dragqueer performer, transfeminist author and sex artist, Nour Beetch (BE, 1998) tries to confront the spectators with the violence of the world to convey the need for its radical transformation. Through hybrid, subversive and fleeting performative forms, they stage political subjectivities mixing actions, emotions and sensations. Nour Beetch favors the collective, intimate feelings, political nudity and public space. Between matter and body, movements and words, they gradually slip from the image to the pole dance bar, bewitching spectators in intimate feelings, in an intense and unsuspected way. Observer of ideologies, turbulent activist, the atmosphere of the transgressive body takes pride of place in these projects, driven by field experience and anecdotal, combining sex work, relational anarchy, and mutant sexualities.

Nicky Lapierre (FR, 1991) is a photographer, director & writer who often brings those mediums together in installations questioning their interweaving. A window into everyday life, their work spans from post-porn intimacy to archival documentation, embodying the ordinary, they try to make it fantastic, extra-ordinary. An apple on a table, an oil drip on a table-cloth, a coffee at the dawn of dust, and suddenly the fruit becomes a target, placed on a skull, and the possibility of catching an arrow in the eye emerges. These are just a few perceptions that they aim to transpose.

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