Beer and Loving with Las Bangers


Paulita Pappel & Rod Wyler / Germany / 2022 / 27 min.

Included in LO-FI, SCI-FI, DIY Short Films – Saturday, Nov 11 at 3pm – Buy Tickets

“The best of life is but intoxication…”

The doors of perception are flung wide open in HardWerk’s trippiest gang bang yet, a visually psychedelic and viscerally psychosexual homage to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. However in this version the female protagonist, performer Bebe Melkor-Kadior, is hunting for answers, experiences and the ultimate high in modern-day Berlin – a hunt that brings her to the apartment of Las Bangers.

Utilizing parallel chronologies and that characteristic common to all the most intoxicating of pleasures, the film places its seven performers firmly in the hallucinatory space between fantasy and ecstasy, distorting not only time and space but notions of objectivity and subjectivity, ego and id, mind and body, and known and unknown for a kaleidoscopic and carnal trip not through but on a consciousness-altering dose of desire.


Directors’ Biography – Paulita Pappel & Rod Wyler

HardWerk is a film studio exploring and expanding pleasure in pop culture & celebrating desire without shame.

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