Behind the Pink Mind


Uriel Nogalight / France / 2023 / 30 min.

Included in VISIONS OF LOVE Short Film Program – Sunday Nov 12 at 5 pm – Buy Tickets

Sharon is thrilled to marry the love of her life, but fears having to accept the conservative fidelity that awaits them. To open up her couple and overcome her dilemma, she is inspired by a married couple on whom she fantasizes….


Director’s Biography – Uriel Nogalight

Uriel is an award-winning indie filmmaker who likes to shake things up where you least expect it. After years of working for the mainstream film industry, then traveling the world to make his alternative films (, Uriel continues his journey with a new challenge: to promote cinephilia for adult films. As an introduction to his vision, he is happy to present his pilot-project, Behind the Pink Mind.


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