Cheer Up Dyke


Cat Gold / United States / 2022 / 11 min.

Included in LO-FI, SCI-FI, DIY Short Films – Saturday, Nov 11 at 3pm – Buy Tickets

Cheerleader and self-proclaimed straight girl Lola Exx doesn’t have a clue what she’s in for after walking in on two notorious goth dykes fist fucking in the bathroom stall. Dulce Fuego & Cat Gold won’t take shit from anyone at school and they sure as hell aren’t going to let Lola down easy. She may leave school exposed, humiliated, used, and bruised but she will also leave gayer than ever and wanting much, much more.

[Note: Contains fictional scenes of forced submission, piercing, etc.]


Director’s Biography – Cat Gold

Cat Gold is a non-binary hairy femme, leather dyke, pornographer, sex worker, and visionary pervert. They spend their time adoring queers and fellow whores both behind and in front of the camera as a photographer, director, performer, and full-time freak. Work from their beloved queer smut project, Drip Films, has screened internationally since 2019 in festivals such as Hacker Porn Film Festival, Berlin Porn Film Festival, San Francisco Porn Film Festival, Ce L’Ho Corto Film Festival, Nachtschatten BDSM/Fetish Film Festival, Hot Bits Queer XXX Film Fest, (S)exhibitions, Smut Club Erotic Film Festival, SECS Fest, and Pr0n4Freakz. Many of their films can be found on They feel lucky to shoot such hot, messy, silly, dreamy, gay portraits of and for queer, trans, and sex working babes in hopes that the world may become more sexually expressive and expansive in desire. Their photography has been published in Math Magazine, Leste Magazine, Fist Zine, and Rub Magazine.

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