Marcus Quillan / 2021 / United Kingdom / 14 min

Combining different kinds of expressive performance and movement to mix dance and sex seamlessly, Quillan’s film seeks to destroy existing expectations of what a porn film with dancing (or a dance film with sex) could be; and create something new and fresh.

Featuring Yiming Curiosity & Marcus Quillan

STRIKE A POSE: Short Films (95 min) / 2:30 pm Nov 5 / Grand Illusion Cinema

Director Biography – Marcus Quillan

The creator of Thousand Faces, Marcus wanted to develop in the UK the kind of alternative work that has inspired him throughout Europe, at places such as the Berlin Porn Film Festival, and the London Porn Film Festival. An actor, model, and musician by trade, Marcus produces, directs, composes music, and performs for Thousand Faces, as well as other creators, whilst constantly seeking ideas and collaboration to bring an ever-changing aesthetic to a constant exploration of performance and sex.

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