Alexander Janson / Germany / 2022 / 14 min.

Included in EROTIC RENDEZVOUS Short Films – Friday, Nov 10 at 9:30pm – Buy Tickets

Set and shot in March 2021 during the time of curfews and quarantine, DISTANCED focuses on all these positive and funny moments of interaction that have still been happening. Apart from warm and inviting scenes starring newcomers Otto Untertage and Popo Chanel, feuer.zeug’s fourth film is also influenced by what has already been foreshadowed in earlier works: their love for the Black Forest region where they work – proving that porn happens also outside of the big cities. Be prepared for an unlikely mixture of genres: RomCom, gay porn and what Germans like to call “Heimatfilm”.

About the filmmakers

feuer.zeug is a film project from Freiburg in the Black Forest Area of Germany. Their first film RETOUR uses the classic porn motif ‘meeting while hitchhiking’ but interprets it in a completely new way. The second film SIDES OF A LAKE is dedicated to the subject of masturbation and the third one, 2 OR 3 THINGS I LIKE ABOUT HIM, deals with different perspectives when watching porn. However, the group not only wants to produce fair and feminist pornography, they also want the depiction of sexualities to be discussed more openly. For this purpose, feuer.zeug organizes lectures and discussion evenings and tries to bring the subject of porn into public discourse.

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