Edmund Aleksander Krempiński & Jakub Dylewski / Poland / 2023 / 18 min.

Included in SMASHING THE GENDER BINARY Short Films – Nov 12 at 3pm – Buy Tickets

Edmund, who deals with various forms of frustration rooted in living as a transgender person in a highly oppressive society. Based on a true story, EDGE follows Edmund through a series of absurd psycho-magical acts leading to the final liberation and allegorical transition into pearl.


Director’s Biography – Edmund Aleksander Krempiński

Edmund Krempiński (1998) is transgender queer performer, visual artist and actor based in Łódź, Poland. The graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (MA). His praxis consisting mostly of performance and video is based on his own body, which he considers as his primal medium. Inspired by inner life – traumas, fantasies, sexuality and nostalgia, he creates both quirky and serious artworks aesthetically immersed in camp, pornography and pop-culture.

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