George Markakis / Greece / 2021 / 85 min

 While the dancefloor is mythologized as a space for connection, any committed
creature of the night knows the real action takes place in the toilet cubicle – at
once the club’s engine room and its “confessional” booth. EX depicts the realities
of these sacred spaces with a nauseating intimacy, bundling us in with Diana and a
flurry of gorgeous party people for one night of sublime chaos.

Opening the door to Berlin’s notoriously private nightlife, EX invites us to see
more than reckless hedonism. As its characters share stories about lives lived at
the fringes of society, a deeper connection unravels, sparking soul-baring
moments of clarity, acceptance, and unapologetic truth.

In English, French, German and Russian with English subtitles.

Plays with Things Among Days (15 min)

Director Biography – George Markakis

George Markakis was born in Crete, Greece and studied cinematography in Athens and New York. The last 8 years he is based in Berlin. His previous experience includes working on movies, advertising, and television, George has director three shorts films. “India Blues” is his first feature film in 2013 and Ex is the second feature film as director.

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