Opening Night – September 7

Opening Feature Program: FANTASY.
The feature will be preceded by the short film THE FIX (USA, 2017) by Edward Jack.

The Fix (d. Edward Jack, 10 min, USA)
A surreal queer farce about a young man struggling with a cock-sucking addiction. It doesn’t help that he works at a corn dog restaurant.

Fantasy (d. Dashiell Demeter, 63 min, USA)
Nina is worried that her marriage to Norman is in trouble. They never have sex anymore. Desperate to save their relationship, Nina convinces Norman to see a sex therapist. But Dr. Harvey Bunuel’s methods aren’t what you might call… standard. His surreal intimacy exercises push them beyond their limits.

ARCHIVAL Program – Abigail Lesley is Back in Town (1975)

Saturday, September 8


Sex Work Shorts – 65 min
These shorts point both a documentary lens and create fictional narratives on these lives of sex workers. This program include works made by sex workers about the work they do.
Included films:

Tom X (d. Arthur Borrow, 15 min, France)
Tom, an asocial camera operator on a porn set, has a hallucination while filming the female star – she’s alone sitting on a deserted beach. Obsessed by his vision, Tom will do everything he can to understand why the hallucination keeps happening.

That’s Why I Like It (d. Sydney Southam, 19 min, Canada)
A culmination of the filmmaker’s work as an artist, filmmaker, professional pole dancer and stripper, THAT’S WHY I LIKE IT, stems from the director’s own experience working in a strip club. Juxtaposing interviews with exotic dancers together with images of their twerking bodies, you’ll be hypnotized by this thought piece about consensual objectification.

Danny Wylde (d. Matthew Kaundart, 3 min, USA)
Inspired by an essay of former porn star, Danny Wylde, this film explores the darker, less talked about side of the porn industry.

Funky Lola (d. Julio Mas Alcaraz, 15 min, Spain)
70 year-old Isabel lives alone in her small apartment. Her son, who is serving time in jail, has a pile of debt. Frustrated by the obstacles she comes across, Isabel makes a bold and surprising decision.

Piety (Naya Pascula “The Outdoor Cat”, 14 min, Spain/Germany)
Rodolfa and Maria Antonieta, two Latin sexworkers with a passion for spliffs and trap music, hang around an abandoned airport in Berlin. Things get interesting when their colleague Asuncion suddenly appears with the corpse of a dead client.

Femme is Fierce  (85 min)
Explore the feminine side of erotic film with a collection of fantastical tales and thrilling fantasies.
Included films:

Aridai (d. Igor Luna, 8 min, Spain)
“I wouldn’t have expected that you were tailor-made for my bathtub.”

“Oh Baby” (d. Clit Boner & Trilly Crenshaw, 7 min, USA)
Intimate pampering between two women that will make you goo-goo ga-ga.

Queen Kong (d. Monica Stambrini, 20 min, Italy)
The party is dwindling inside but their passion is catching in the garden. His cell phone’s persistent ringing distracts his erection. Disappointed, she disappears into the woods. He stumbles after her but finds Queen Kong instead.

Monochrome ()

Curves, stretch marks, curly hair. Dressed in their nudity and colorless bars of paint, they merge and embrace. They fuck in their blissful mess, haphazard limits diminished to silky grey smears.

Library Hours (d. Jim Vendiola, 11 min, USA, 2017)
Camille, a recent widow, falls into a strange, long-distance courtship with Delphine, a librarian – who also happens to be Camille’s deceased husband’s first wife.

The Wheel of Fortune (d. Bambi K., 8 min, USA, 2018)
Five strangers are trapped in orifice bondage and only their sexual release can set them free.

HEAVEN (d. Urvashi, 20 min, USA, 2018)
Five friends turn a ladies’ night hang into the ultimate adult slumber party.

I am Valentina Nappi is proceeded by We are the F*cking World (85 min)

We are the Fucking World (d. Olympe de G., 33 min, Spain, 2017)
A manifest for pornography based on consent, WE ARE THE FUCKING WORLD (documents nine queer porn stars shooting an orgy in a way that shows them going beyond the question of gender or sexual orientation – showcasing the beauty of every body and every desire. This film raised funds to support the fight against homo/bi/transphobia. (33 min)

ISVN – I am Valentina Vappi (d.  Monica Stambrini,  50 min, Italy, 2018)
Who is Valentina Nappi? Everyone knows her, everyone follows her, everyone one has seen every inch of her body but how intimate can one really get with her? Follow the young Italian porn star in this experimental documentary as she travels back to Naples from Los Angeles making a stop in Rome for the night to meet a friend to catch up both in and out of the sheets.

ARCHIVAL PROGRAM – Memories Within Miss Aggie (1974)

Sunday, September 9

ANGST Shorts Program (86 min)
These shorts explore how sometimes even the most sex-positive and informed still have fear and anxiety about sex.
Films in this shorts program include:

A Little Jig (d. Sara Cortijo, 15 min, Mexico, 2016)
Eva tries to reconcile her uber conservative upbringing with her liberal desires about sex. Her forays into sexual pleasure are wrought with agony when she convinces herself she’s pregnant as holy punishment for her actions.

What We Want
Directed by Craig Downing
USA, 2017 (3 min)
The exploration of your partner’s desires can be a quirky road to intimacy.

SPANKO (d. Melanie Zoey Weinstein, 12 min, USA, 2018)
A misfit second grade teacher finally explores her taboo fetish.

CRABGIRL (d. Sergiy Pudich, 19 min, Ukraine, 2017)
Struggling with his identity as a virgin, a young man gives his girlfriend, who is also a virgin, an ultimatum. He soon finds out the incredible truth in her reluctance to consummate their relationship.

BIRTHDAY (d. Shine Louise Houston, 7 min, USA, 2018)
A night out, an old friend, and a special treat coalesce in this poetic narrative about a queer relationship.

THE 36-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN (d. Skyler Braeden Fox, 30 min, Canada, 2017)
From celibate teenage bible thumper to post-teen lesbian, Skyler, now trans masculine and nearing middle age, feels he missed out on something during his youth. Sex. Not the queer kind he’s been having. But something a bit more… standard. A sweet coming-of-middle-age sex documentary about fulfilling a long-standing fantasy and losing your virginity.

Closing Program – SHORTS PROGRAM
Real and Surreal Shorts Program (85 min)
A shorts collection that both depicts the reality of sexual experience, while also delving into experimental treatment of unsilmulated sexuality.

DON’T CALL ME A D**K (d. Olympe De G, 4 min, France, 2017)
Dick, Cunt, Asshole… Why are those words insults when these body parts are so wonderful?

SIXTY NINE CLUB (d. Rob Eagle, 21 min, United Kingdom, 2018)
Founded in 1965 when homosexuality was illegal in Britain, the Sixty Nine Club is Europe’s oldest social group for gay leathermen. The club’s last surviving older members show us why the Sixty Nine Club means so much to them through home movies and tales of debauchery, love, and friendship.

POLYETHYLENE TOUCH (d. Flicker Fuckers, 10 min, Sweden, 2018)
Faceless and wrapped in plastic

UNBRIDLED (d. Marcus Quillan & Simon Christopher, 11 min, United Kingdom, 2018)
Based on the theater production “Black Beauty in Irons”, a fictional couple explore ponyplay.

THE PICKUP (d. Urvashi, 17 min, United States, 2017)
With an arm full of shopping bags, Avalon calls a driver to take her back to her hotel. Unable to keep their eyes off each other during the ride, this “chance” encounter soon leads to much more.

DEAR BABE (d. Ethan A Folk & Ty Wardwell, 4 min, Germany, 2018)
A home-alone-houseboy is hungry, and not just for breakfast. What will daddy think when he reads about the houseboy’s filthy antics

GOODBYE (A TRUE STORY)  (d. Ezio Maisto, 8 min, Italy, 2018)
Two lovers celebrate their brief relationship in front of the camera. The next day she will be gone forever.

GUSH (d. Kate Sinclaire, 14 min, Canada, 2018)
A docuporn about squirting.

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