Fred Halsted Double-Feature

LA PLAYS ITSELF (United States, 1972,55 min)

SEXTOOL (United States, 1975, 60 min)

Fred Halsted (July 20, 1941 – May 9, 1989) was an early innovator of the hard-core gay feature. His films have been heavily censored and rarely exhibited outside of a rare cinematheque or museum screening. So we are fortunate to be able to screen two of Fred Halsted’s films, LA Plays Itself & Sextool, recently restored by Altered Innocence.

Typical of Fred Halsted’s filmography, both films are loosely, non-narrative with a focus on scenes of rough, sadomasochistic sex. At there core, these films are an assault on everything wholesome about an idealized American Culture. Here, Halsted takes viewers into a dark and subversive side of L.A. These films are the earliest to show fisting on screen.

9:00 pm (PST) – Saturday, September 11 – Grand Illusion Cinema