abcde Flash / Switzerland / 6 min

The menstrual cycle has four phases, and abcde Flash has mastered them all. She’s learned to recognise each phase by their needs, weaknesses, and strengths.

From the oh-so-draining ovulation (a period of rest), to the absolute mind-fuckery of the luteal phase (social interactions can wait), she arrives at the follicular and menstruation phases, where creativity easily flows (and anything goes!).

‘Grace.’ is an ode to abcde Flash’s understanding of her cycle and herself. By accepting each phase for what it is, she’s transformed this never-ending experience of highs and lows into a most reliable routine: a cycle that, like clockwork, she knows she can count on.

PUSHING BOUNDARIES: Shorts / 4 pm – Nov 6 / Grand Illusion Cinema

Director Biography – abcde Flash

abcde Flash is a queer, sexploratory, conceptual artist who shares her processes of navigating different sexual curiosities and challenges through film and imagery using humour, vulnerability and authenticity.

photo by Anaïs Steiner

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