Sylvia Borges / Germany / 2022 / 22 min

In ‘Muse’ female lust and body appreciation is placed on a pedestal. An act drawing lesson becomes an open space for three women with different backgrounds and bodies to come together and admire the female body. Mia the shy student is so attracted to the beautiful nude model that a magical scene of lust and appreciation begins to form. The sexual interplay also draws in the class teacher, allowing the other artists to explore a whole new motif.

Featuring Bunny BBW, Puck Ellington, & Romy Alizée

In German with English subtitles.

STRIKE A POSE: Short Films (95 min) / 2:30 pm Nov 5 / Grand Illusion Cinema

Director Biography – Sylvia Borges

Sylvia Borges has been working as a freelance writer and director for advertising, TV and independent artistic projects since she graduated in screenwriting and film directing. For a long time, Sylvia had wanted to make a feature film about the porn scene and how our society deals with porn. Realising that she had to experience some things for herself before she could write about them, she contacted one of the pioneers of feminist porn: Erika Lust. Shortly after, she shoots her first pornographic film. We are happy and proud to have her as director, writer and producer for our first own production ‘Muse’.

Director Statement

“Porn shows sex, but its messages go far beyond sex. In this film we are not only focusing on the physical love between women, but also on the women’s love of body diversity and the love for art. I thought it was wonderful to see how the artists took the the three women’s energy and turned the sex act into an artistic performance. Through this artistic expression it becomes clear that sex is the most natural and beautiful thing in the world.”

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